Original payoff charts

The payoff charts that accompany our generated decks can be useful both for deciding what to carry "on spec" to different parts of the map, and for checking off which demands have already gone by. (Some players might prefer not to allow such notes, but that's a matter of preference.) Since the deck is only being used once, there's no harm in writing directly on the payoff charts.

Even before we began generating our own decks, we found such payoff charts to be a handy reference tool, so we produced them for the decks that came with each game. We've had several requests for copies of these charts, so this seems like a good place to make them available. You can download them using the links below; the first link for each map gets the PDF, the second the PostScript source. The format of these charts is the same as for the charts generated with our random decks.

Note that we do not own copies of every edition of every map, and different editions have often come with different decks, and/or with different payoffs for the same delivery from one deck to another. So if you use one of these charts you should be sure to check whether it matches the deck you're using. Note also that these maps include some for which we do not yet support generating new random decks.

If you have a deck not listed here for which you'd like a payoff chart, you can take any of the PostScript files and modify it to change the data section. It should be fairly obvious where the demands go. The list of cities near the end of each file describes how to sort the cities "by region", with *'s marking major cities.