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Much of my professional life has been spent as a computer graphics artist-animator and Art Director, primarily in the Game Industry in Silicon Valley, at such companies as Amiga, Epyx, Electronic Arts, Fujitsu, and Infogrames. Amongst the many, many titles with which I've been associated, I'll mention: (Commodore Amiga) Graphicraft; (Epyx) Rescue on Fractalus, Street Sports Basketball, California Games, Omnicron Conspiracy, Ishido (published by Accolade); (Mediagenics)Tongue of the FatMan; (EA) RoadRash, Desert Strike, Bards Tale IV (unpublished), Lord of the Rings; (Technopop) Zero Tolerance (published by Accolade); (Fujitsu/Avaterra) WorldsAway; (Infogrames) Hogs of War.

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