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For fun, I have created a paperdoll based on many of my favourite role-play characters. Some of the costumes even have other characters as accessories. The media were pen & ink, Prismacolour pencil, and metallic inks. The metallics do not scan well. The original doll is about 11.25 inches high, including base.

RPG PD thumbnail Kamoko costume thumbnail Chantal costume thumbnail
Basic doll Kamoko of "Yamato" Chantal & Robert of "Spies in Space"
Paris2 costume thumbnail Paris1 costume thumbnail Paris3 costume thumbnail
Paris & Ewen of "Tarot" Paris, page 2 Paris, page 3
Lierra1 costume thumbnail Lierra2 costume thumbnail Shadya costume thumbnail
Lierra & Kaylyn of "Karnak" Lierra & Yarmoz of "Karnak" Shadya & Orlando of "Karnak"
Tasmia costume thumbnail Eleri costume thumbnail Rowan costume thumbnail
Tasmia & Teviron of "Ginger's World" Itochu & Eleri of "MesoAmerica" Rowan of "Joker's World"

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